lunes, 16 de abril de 2007


I hope you like my blog and all the information I presented here! You can send me your opinion, I acept any kind of comments, I also would like to make new friends and meet people from places all over the world. I wish you the best me lucks! goodbye!


Hi! now I will talk about the christmas in other Country: Germany! I will describe a little of their customs and celebration. Let's see!
In Germany the Christmas’s history begun when a apostle that try to convince a tribe of Germanic Druids that the oak tree wasn’t sacred, so he crushed every shrub in his path but a small fir sapling and people called it the tree of Christ child.
In Christmas children leave letters on their windowsills for Christkind, a winged figure dressed in white robes and a golden crown who distributes gifts. Sometimes the letters are decorated with glue and sprinkled with sugar to make them sparkle.
Germans make beautiful gingerbread houses and cookies. The German Christmas tree pastry, Christbaumgeback, is white dough that can be molded into shapes and baked for tree decorations.
To Germany the tradition of the Christmas tree is attributed to him to the initiated salary as it is known him in the present time, but its origin ancestral data of beliefs and customs. One adorns the house with Christmas reasons like trees, pyramids, and a little angel.
Every year, in the preceding weeks to the Christmas Eve, they cross the streets and side streets of the German cities the aroma of the toasted chestnuts, the hot wine with cinnamon and the rumors of the children and adults who take a walk by the streets decorated with lights. Each one knows that they are the days in which gifts are bought. The aroma to toasted chestnuts leads to the people to the seats where they are the Christmas swap-meets, and from the traveling positions the shouts of the salesmen are listened to: “Maronen, heiße Maronen! ”, Brown, brown I warm up.
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domingo, 15 de abril de 2007

Dates of the year!

In this unit I learn about the dates, and I have a conversation with a new friend about his favorite month. Let's read the conversation:

- Luis: Hi! What's your name?
- Carmen: My name is Carmen
- Luis: Whats is your favorite month of the year? Why?
- Carmen: My favorite month is December because is Christmas.
- Luis: What is your favorite day of the week? Why?
- Carmen: Saturday, because is my practice of Gaita.
- Luis: When is your birthday?
- Carmen: Is on december.
- Luis: When were you born?
- Carmen: I was born on december 8th, 1988
- Luis: What is your favorite celebration?
- Carmen: My favorite celebration is my Birthday.
- Luis: Why is your favorite celebration?
- Carmen: Because this day I share with my friends.
- Luis: What do you usually do to celebrate it?
- Carmen: I'm going to see a movie in the teather.
- Luis: What are you going to do to celebrate it this year?
-Carmen: I'm going to do a party this year.

Please send me a comment about my conversation! I want to konw you too!


Hi again! let's talk about the holidays, I chose to describe my favorite holiday, the Chinita's Fair

The Chinita's Fair starts a week before October 17th and goes along forthe whole week. It takes place in Maracaibo every year.

The devotion of the Chinita's Virgin started a long time ago when an old lady found a little board in the waters of Maracaibo's Lake that miraculously lighted up with the image of the Virgin Mary. Since that day the board has been kept on the Chiquinquira's Basilica.

The fair starts with the orchid's festival, continues with the bull's rodeo every day and it ends on october 18th with the gaita's done. In my family we celebrate Chinita's day in my house there we play domino and drink bear untill the sun rise the next day.

Due to the Chinita's Fair many people gain money because it's a really good period for the infomal commerce. It is a Festival that should stay on the years to come because it forms part of the zulian's folklore.

This is my favorite fair, please send me your opinion about wheter you like or not the publication and tellme your favorite holiday.

The food Piramid!

In this unit I will talk about good nutrition using as a reference the food piramid. I have a good nutrition and you?

I love to eat hot cakes. I eat a lot of bread, usually. I eat a little of fish but I never eat liver.
I think the hamburger is delicious. I really enjoy eating fried chicken and chocolate. I think fish soup is terrible. I need to eat more broccolis and I need to eat less butter.

Please write me a comment about your eating habits, let me know your opinion!

martes, 10 de abril de 2007

Maps and directions.

In this unit I'll show you a map, wich I will take as a reference to describe several adresses of diferent places, all of that in a conversation between two people. The conversation begun in Magpie street, not in Morshead Park

-Greg: Pardon me, can you tell me where am I?
-Susan: You are on Magpie Street, in front of the Historic Park.
-Greg: How can I get to Newington?
-Susan: Well, you go up on Magpie street to Grant Street, you cross left on Grant Street and head up to Eyre Street, then you follow straight to Pleasant Street, you will find newington on the right.
-Greg: Oh, thanks, can you tell me how do I get to the Hospital from Newington?
-Susan: Sure, go straight up throw pleasent street and cross right on Mair Street and there you´ll find it.

martes, 27 de marzo de 2007

Welcome to my blog

This is my first blog! I'm going to post my work to the world! I hope you like it. please write a comment about it!
I'm going to talk about me and my english homework!

My name is Luis Rivero but everybody calls me Luis, I'm from Maracaibo originally. I'm 17 years old and I study accounting at URBE. I live in Maracaibo in La Floresta.
I love... reading, listening CREED, dancing on weekends, playing with my dog, kissing my girlfriend and be with my family.
I hate...working hard on weekends, smoking, sleeping very late.
My dream is...To be a famous writer, be married with my girlfriend and have a family.
My opinion about english...I think english is a very useful tool in the present world, consider now days the most important language in the world. Although it's a relatively simple and easy to learn language, its value is huge, because once you know it, you have sure that you will be able to communicate almost every where you in around the globe.

New friend:

Her name is Paola, she's from Cabimas, she's a student from accounting school. She's 17 years old. She lives in Cabimas. She loves watching TV, she likes to sleep and she enjoys traveling. She hates to smoke and to study. Her dream is to travel around the world and meet Beckham. She thinks english is very important. She wants to learn to speak english perfectly